The Best Commission Autopilot Review and Proof of Results

Welcome to my commission autopilot review and live proof that the software is the best affiliate marketing software for 2012. You will be introduced to beginner friendly tool for building hits to your affiliate links in my commission autopilot review.

Paul Donnas Review of Commission Autopilot

commission autopilot reviewCommission Autopilot utilizes 18 high traffic websites which have a combined monthly visitor count of well over 20 million people. Most of these sites have a lot of ranking power. Just by supplying keyword optimized content you can obtain top search engine listings in the major search engines. The secret behind the software is document sharing. You can think of it as article publishing a few years ago, when SEO friendly niche articles on the big article directories was capable of going into the top 10 search results for its keyword. This Software makes this possible again for its users.

Commission Autopilot Review – The Software and its Usage

commission autopilot reviewI will begin this Commission Autopilot Review with an introduction to how to create that content with this tool. It has only one field to fill to start the production of relevant PDFs. Insert Your main keyword. Afterwards hit the start button. The application will then scan the internet for optimized content and show its findings in the content creation module. Choose the document you want to work with. When this is done You launch the settings window in which You enter a text that can be added to the document you create. This is also the place where You type the link You want to drive traffic to. And now You’re ready. The content creator is going to store the newly created PDF file so You have niche content to use with the submission module.

detailed commission autopilot review

The next part of the commission autopilot review deals with document blaster. Hit the Browse button to choose the documents for submission. Selected documents will be displayed in the field below. Next You insert one or more titles in the second field. When You add multiple title the software rotates them at each submission. Select the category which is related to Your niche. The more accurate your choice is, the more interested readers You will get. The last step is to enter a keyword rich introduction n the description field. Put a link to your site in this field too. You are now ready to blast out the document(s) to the 18 traffic sources fully automated.

Commission Autopilot Review – What to expect from it

An affiliate with just a little understanding of how to pick profitable niches can use the application without any learning curve. I got my submissoins listed on top 10 google and bing listings in less than one day and they got hundreds of hits in this timeframe. Even if You work in very small niche markets that only alloow to earn a small amount of money per niche You are able to leverage your income by repeating the process using additional niche markets. Due to the automated content creation module it only takes about 10 minutes to work in a new niche.

commission autopilot review results

A lot of the PDFs take on place 2 – 5 in the search results for keywords the return 5 Million pages listed and I received 1st positions already. Mostly my webpages that are linked from the document also appear due to the authority backlinks they have from the submitted content. I am very pleased with the reuslts I achieved so far. Visit Commission Autopilot.I hope You enjoyed reading my commission autopilot review.

Backlinks Kingdom Review – Automated Backlink Generator

backlinks kingdom review intro banner

This is our Backlinks Kingdom Review. My article is going to give you an overview over Backlinks Kingdom free backlink building tool and explain how this tool can help You to create 450 high quality backlinks in one month on auto-pilot.Since the number of good inbound links is still an important ranking factor in the important search engines the use of this tool allows marketers to more traffic from searches by setting up a steady growth in high PR links directing to your blog.

Backlinks Kingdom Review – Free Backlinks Generator

Let me start my Backlinks Kingdom Review by introducing You to their free membership level. Sign Up only takes a minute and gives a member access to the article submitter. Your article will then be delivered to fifteen article directories on unique class c ips every day for 30 days. After 30 days users have received 450 free quality backlinks with your keyword as anchor. You only have to input your article the first time and the article submission is going to be done on autopilot. You can further boost the SEO value of these submissions by submitting your backlinks contained in backlinks kingdom results reports on social bookmarking sites.

This article submission tool is powerful enough to submit unique article versions to each directory. Users can use spintax in the title and text of your article. This backlink building tool can work with The Best Spinner and offers an additional free article spinning tool. If You have a TBS account you put plain text and let TBS do the spinning. Alternatively there is a free spinning service that comes with Backlinks Kingdom. Spun texts that You have already created can be put into the backlinks kingdom submission form directly.

Backlinks Kingdom Reviewed – Membership Options on Backlinks Kingdom

This backlink builder has 3 levels of membership levels. They are called Guard, Knight and King. You are free to upgrade their account to be granted even more benefits. An upgrade can be made by making a payment or by introducing your friends. When You bring in 12 new members your membership will be set to Knight at no cost. King accounts is solely available to paying users. These are the added benefits of an upgraded membership plan.

Knights and Kings will be able to input more links to your texts. While basic members are allowed one link in any article the paying ( or free upgraded ) users can add two ( knights ) or 3 ( kings ) backlinks. This is valuable for the serious niche marketers who need to generate backlinks to multiple web properties at the same time and allows to use different anchor texts for targeting different search phrase. As an added benefit the Knights and Kings also get access to downloadable backlink reports and RSS Feeds linking to your submission results. Ping your submission RSS Feed for fast indexing of your backlinks and post the feed to RSS directories to get additional targeted backlinks.

Getting an account upgrade also boosts the amount of article directories You can publish on. While the free members are allowed just 15 daily submissions with 1 link included, Knight accounts can submit up to 3 different articles and include 2 links per article on 50 article directories per day. Members with King status are capable of up to 5 submission per day to one-hundred article directories and can put in 3 links per submission. So while guard accounts will get 450 free backlinks a month, Memebers with King Status can produce up to 1500 unique backlinks each Day !

You can begin backlink building in less than 5 minutes when You use your existing articles. Begin with a free membership to find out how backlinks kingdom will spread your content. Increase your results by using article URLs from the submission reports for a social bookmarking campaign. A free tool to do that automatically can be found here. Refer your friends and business partners. By just bringing 12 active free members You can become Knight and will get all the benefits of the Knight level for free. Starting with a Knight account members can also access a RSS Feed containing all your backlinks. Ping and promote this feed to increase the SEO value of your article campaign. I hope that my backlinks kingdom review helped to get an idea of what this backlink building tool can do for you and if it is worth checking out this backlink generator.

Follow this link for Backlinks Kingdom. I hope You enjoyed my Backlinks Kingdom Review.

A Test of Twitter Retweet Bot Software

Read my article to discover how about a simple way of getting more free retweets with a software by the name of Retweet Bot. I will show You the Retweet Bot and also show You the outcome I produced by using the software during the test runs. Go through this article and discover if the retweet bot is the right application to produce more retweets.

Produce Free Retweets from Real Users Using Retweet Bot

get more retweets with retweet bot

The Retweet Generator is a powerful automation software which just requires a firefox browser 4 or better, so that it can operate on Windows and Mac alike. Retweet Bots’ easy and straigthforward procedures allows the twitter bot to completely automate the take every step needed to get more retweets. Get Retweets from real twitter accounts at no cost rather than ordering paid retweets. The software does not publish tweets on your twitter feed and the software will not follow back other twitter sites. The users always have full control over his own twitter account and the content posted on it. You can also receive free followers on twitter with the retweet bot software.

The Retweet Generator will not even need your twitter account credidentials. Retweet Bot is not going to bring your twitter account in problems because it will never log-in to it. The software is according to twitters’ conditions and can securely be used without risk of losing the account. Real Users are about to retweet the users content, not our retweet bot itself.

Checking out Retweet Bot

The installation of this tool is easy buthas to take place manually, following the steps contained in the manual,installation guide. Users are required copy and paste some data. The included set-up instructions are easy to follow though. I installed it in about 12 minutes.

Retweet Bot Blue Square

This program has steadily spit out approximatly 75 each and every single day during the test of the program. In addition it has resulted in some new fans for my twitter account too. And I didn’t only get free retweets for free with the tool. I also realized that i was getting targeted traffic coming from twitter via these retweets. The Retweets were not only going out to the subscribers of the retweeter, but also the steady flow of my messages increased the visibility of my content on twitter. When targeting niche search terms i was able to achieve domination of SERPs in twitter with by means of the retweeted content showing up there.

Is it worth paying for Retweet Bot

In contrast to using free online retweet systems this application allows you to maintain a twitter account with only your own high quality tweets on it. You would have to post unrelated content to the account to obtain a lot of free retweets in a short time from the exchanges or you must retweet links of competitors if you want to offer a targeted account in a specific niche. Avoiding these downsides is a valuable plus of this Retweet Bot application. And compared to the price tag of sponsored retweets the one off payment for the Retweet Bot makes this software a cheap alternative.

These Advantages of retweet bot software really make it a useful program for twitter marketing automation. This software is effective at increasing targeted visits from twitter, get new followers on twitter and present Google rank boosting SEO signals for the sites you link to. All this without violating any of twitters regulations. The tool is at no point putting the users membership at jeopardy, because the bot works without accessing your account at any time.

Visit the Homepage of Retweet Bot

Get this Social Marketing Software at no cost

My free social marketing tool is going to help You to expand your network on Social Communities including: Twitter, Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon. Run my Social Marketing Software to attract free followers on Auto-Pilot. Presence on Social Networks has become a vital ranking factor. My free social marketing tool is going to help marketers to gain more subscribers on Social Networks like: Twitter,Facebook,Digg or YouTube. Social Marketing Software for exploding the [number|amount} of {followers|subscribers|fans|friends} on Social {Networks|Sites|Media Sites|Platforms|Media Platforms}. {Works with|Supports} these {Sites|Networks|Social Media Sites}: {Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube…|Digg,Stumble Upon,Facebook, Twitter}. {Get|Receive|Aquire} {more|free} {followers|subscribers|Twitter Followers} and Facebook {Fans|Likes} on autopilot {with|using} {the|this|my} social marketing {bot|tool|software}.

Build Your Social Networks – Get Free Facebook Likes

Read about how to obtain free facebook followers for your FB Pages. Let me demonstrate the best method to increase your social networks. Presence on Social Networks is now far more effective for ones web sites to appear in the top of the results in the various search engines and my guide reveals You the way to generate a large targeted circle of onfluence with very little effort. Continue reading to understand how to get no cost facebook fans immediately. All that’s necessary to get going is a facebook profile and a Fan Page. You probably already have got one since that you’re reading a guide related to ways to get facebook likes at no cost. Additionally you need to be the admin on the Fan Page which You need to receive the followers for. If you would like Twitter Friends then You only have to have a twitter account.

receive cost-free facebook likes

Discover easy methods to obtain free facebook fans for your Facebook Pages. I will demonstrate a unique method to grow your followership. Appearing on the Social Networks is now increasingly more effective for your sites to appear in the top of the results in search engines like google plus the document reveals You tips on how to crank out a large targeted circle of onfluence with little work required. Read on to understand how to receive free facebook and twitter likes immediately.

Steps To Get Facebook Fans on Auto-Pilot

The system You are about to read about is actually simple. It enables You to obtain 50 Subscribers within just 24 hours and will provide a constant stream of facebook fans or twitter subscribers. You are going to begin getting twitter and facebook subscribers quickly if you comply with the very simple guidelines described in this guide.

All that’s necessary to get going is a facebook account. You almost certainly already have got one since you’re looking at an article concerning ways to get facebook likes for free. Additionally you must be owning admin rights for the fan page of the Facebook Page which You intend to get the fans for. If you need Twitter Friends then You simply need a twitter membership.

get facebook likes free logoWhen You have Facebook set up You have to join a totally free program known as twiends. There is a lot of Hype related to this Way to get facebook likes at the moment and that is for a reason. As soon as you create an account on Twiends You’ll get some complimentary “seeds”. The seeds can be exchanged for social media followers or twitter subscribers. You can also get Youtube Video Views. You are going to receive 25 seeds upon Registration, 40 for completing the user profile and 50 for joining their news letter. Totals 115 no cost seeds at twiends to begin with.

You can choose the amount of seeds You are willing to grant to someone which will like your Fb Page. The lowest amount to grant is actually 2 seeds. This implies that You can get 60 Social media Fans your very first day without doing other things than to join twiends. One more way to acquire free seeds would be to follow other members pages via twiends, follow these folks on twitter or watch other members Youtube Videos.

Some Instructions about Twiends will tell You to utilize a software tool to be able to mass-like Fan Pages to receive seeds. I recommend to not behave against twiends terms. They do not permit the use of bots and I probably would not risk a valuable facebook fan page. Instead You should utilize the Youtube Area and get seeds from watching Video. Open a vid and press play. Next head over to an additional browser window and just complete your usual work. Return to the twiends window every once in awhile and verify the video clip view. Then repeat the process. No Problem to generate 50 seeds per day that way.

More Tactics To Get Facebook Likes Quickly

This Way You work in compliance with twiends regulations and your Likes development is going to look far more normal compared to putting hundreds of Likes in 24 hours on Fb Pages that has nearly no views. You can accelerate the development of the circle of onfluence by choosing to only permit members to join the fb page that have been active on twiends for more time than 24 or 48 hours. This kind of users will probably have obtained a bunch of fans within this time. That method can aid You to achieve viral increase in your social marketing campaigns.

Read the ezine from twiends in order to find a few bonus seeds every once in awhile. You can also search for “free seeds” or “free twiends coupons”. Occasionally You will discover a good number of working coupons which give You additional seeds. So even if You do not gather any seeds for twiends yourself by being active You can still get facebook likes free by using the extra seeds for twiends.

You can discover some other ways to get facebook likes and develop your social networks on the editors blog focusing on affiliate niche marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Niche Keywords. You might as well join him on facebook for getting information about social marketing.

{Social SEO with Google Plus1|understand important tips for Social SEO with PlusOne|How To Guide to Social SEO with Plus1

This article solutions for how to incorporate Plus One Social SEO into existing niche marketing strategies. Google started a social element within their result pages. It’s name is Plus One and this article will introduce You to what Social SEO Tool means for niche marketers and how to make use of PlusOne to get better rankings in niche markets by learning Plus One Social SEO.

Overview about Benefit from Social Search Engine Optimization

Much like at Facebook a Member will like a site by pressing the brand new +1 Button. In case you have a gmail account then You will also find the google plus one Button in the search page results You will see in the future. If You enjoy a web page You discover via Google You’ll be able to plusone it straight away inside google search. But You will also be notified as soon as anyone who’s within your googles’ +1 Community has liked a site if it is a part in your google results. Google PlusOne can easily make Social SEO more necessary than in the past. Allow me to show You the strategies You have available to reap the benefits of Social Search Engine Optimization. Let me explain to you in which ways Google +1 affects Your rankings plus what direction to go for making Your sites climb in +1

You will start out having every of Your Gmail and Google Talk Contacts as part of your network at +1. However It will be possible to tranfer Your Twitter as well as Facebook Supporters. Using this method You can instantaneously utilize all your web 2 . 0 fans and guarantee that all your existing Web 2.0 associates will discover Your PLUS ONE Likes and may likewise jumpstart your sites google search positions by requesting them to suggest Your site on PLUS ONE via the present social networks.

As far as here the style of Googles’ +1 isn’t really more advanced than what You know from Facebook and their particular “Like-Button”. So let us get into the truly fascinating stuff about social SEO. A immediate affect this system will have on your SERPs. Whilst Your social internet marketing work will mainly enable you to own a niche in the social systems, google plus one permits social search engine optimization and will therefor be helpful to supercharge your se listings.

Social SEO with PLus OneYou will start with every of Your Gmail and Google Talk Friends within your network on +1. Nonetheless It will be possible to import Your Twitter as well as Facebook Followers. Using this method You’ll be able to immediately employ all of Your social media followers and insure that all your present Twitter and Facebook connections will find Your PLUS ONE Likes and may also boost your sites search engine positions by requesting them to recommend You on +1 through the existing social networks.

How to incorporate Google Plus1 for Social SEO

The major focus is actually to expand Your Twitter and Facebook Networks around Your niche to be set to begin +1 having a substantial network. But You can also begin to create more related G-Mail connections. Utilize alternative google services like Google Places, groups or Google Docs to locate people connected to your sites niche market. Subsequently include them to your Gmail contacts. Given that google is not going to launch a full social network (at least not now ) there is going to be no means of directly browsing and adding users in +1.

An additional on the spot solution can be to do a remodeling of your google profile. As soon as the Plus One Program has started the profile will be the page that users pay a visit to to learn more about a person that had recommended a internet site. Numerous people are not really aware of the fact that they own a google profile when they get started making use of a google product. Improve Your profile today to be prepared the moment PLUS ONE launches. The Social SEO Tool is first introduced for the english market and will be accessible worldwide later. Nonetheless You may go to Google Labs Experimental Search and sign up for as a prelaunch user today.

Social SEO Guide

{Social SEO with Google Plus1|learn important facts on Social SEO with Google Plus1|How To A Guide to Social SEO with Plus1

This article solutions for how to incorporate Plus One Social SEO into your niche marketing efforts. Google started a social network for the search listings. It’s name is Google +1 and this text was written to explain to You what Plus1 means for niche marketers and how You can benefit from PlusOne for higher search engine positions in your niche by applying Social SEO.

Report about Utilize Google Plus1 and Social SEO

Much like at Facebook a Person will “like” a site by means of hitting the corresponding Plus One Button. When you have a gmail account you’ll also discover the +1 Button within the search page results You are going to be presented once the system is launched. If You enjoy a web page You get with Google You’ll be able to +1 it immediately inside the search engine results. But You will also notice if anyone being in Your plus1 System has plusoned a web page as soon as it gets listed inside your searches. Google PlusOne is going to make Social SEO much more important than in the past. I want to discuss the strategies You can use to take advantage of Social Search Engine Optimization. Let me explain to you the way Google +1 affects Your rankings as well as how to proceed for making Your Blog rise in plus1

Google +1 starts with building a network of individuals who are going to reveal their . If anyone from A person’s network +1’d a niche site and You stuble upon this webpage It will be possible to see that. You will also see who has produced the recommendation via +1. If You have your mates within your community this specific data is really useful to rate if you will enjoy a web-site also. This kind of social authority shall improve the grade of the results. By using Social SEO You ensure that Your own blogs are going to be liked as much as possible.

Now let’s have a good look at this declaration from Matt Cutts from Google:
“The primary benefit is that search gets better. It gets better in the user interface immediately, and we’ll look at it as a potential signal to improve search quality as well. I find social search extremely useful, especially with the recent updates. This change continues the evolution of social search, and it’s a natural progression to improve the search experience”

Social SEO with PLus OneYou’ll begin using any of one’s Gmail and Google Talk Contacts in your network in Plus1. However It will be possible to tranfer Your current Twitter plus Facebook Fans. This way You are able to instantly use all your social networking fans and guarantee that every of your present Social contacts will discover Your +1 Likes and may as well increase ones search results positions by simply requesting these folks to like Your site with GOOGLES’ +1 through the existing social networks.

Video Overview about Social SEO with Plus1

Your major target is to develop Your Twitter and Facebook Subscribers within Your topic to be set to begin Googles’ +1 having a huge community. You could also start to create additional related Google Mail connections. Use other google services like Google Places, mailing lists or docs to discover people connected to your current niche market. Subsequently include all of them to your Gmail contacts. Since google won’t start a full social network (at least not now ) there will be no means of instantly browsing and inviting users in +1.

One way of adding relevant followers is to watch out for users in your area of interest on additional products through Google. Google Groups, Docs as well as Google Sites are definitely valuable places to get going finding related followers. When You found them You only have to put their Email address in your own gmail contact list and Googles’ +1 is going to place those individuals in your own network. You should also pay a visit to your search engine profile. Once Your own +1s show up in the Search results followers get forwarded to your profile page on google when users endeavor to discover more about a member which has plusoned an online site So make yourself a professional profile page by using content related to your niche.

Using Social SEO as an Affiliate Niche Marketing Startegy

{How to incorporate Google Plus1 for Social SEO|get important tips for Social SEO with Google Plus1|How To Google +1 and how to use it for Social SEO

In my post You will discover Google +1, a new social function google has put in to their Search results. You will be likely familiar with Facebooks “Like-Button” and +1 is a related principle. The huge difference is that Plus One will get a direct impact within the serp listings individuals see on google. So let us discover the effects of Plus1 to your search engine optimization work.

How To Use Social Search Engine Optimization

This is the fundamental idea of googles social search engine optimization by using plus1. Whenever one of your friends or your pals in Plus One has researched on the search engines and then suggested something by means of the “+1-Button” You will notice that fact inside the search results. Google hopes to enhance the search results with this. You will be able to check out which of the listings had been enjoyed by ones community and which ones have never been suggested.

PlusOne starts with creating a network of people that will reveal their tips. When anyone from The network has liked a site and You stuble upon this webpage It is also possible to see who has +1d it. You will additionally see who has designed the recommendation via plus1. If You have your mates within your network this kind of info can be pretty valuable to rate if oneselve will enjoy a internet site also. The social authority can improve the caliber of the results. By making use of Plus one social seo You ensure that Your own web pages will be plusoned by many users.

Please take a good look at the statement coming from Matt Cutts from Google:
“The primary benefit is that search gets better. It gets better in the user interface immediately, and we’ll look at it as a potential signal to improve search quality as well. I find social search extremely useful, especially with the recent updates. This change continues the evolution of social search, and it’s a natural progression to improve the search experience”

Social SEO with PLus OneUsually when you use Google plus one for the first time then You will have the contacts in the network which you have with your list of contacts on Your Gmail Adress Book. Since plus1 is just not a total myspace or facebook You should make full use of Twitter and also Facebook that give tools and ways to contact new folks. Create a network related to your specific niche market after which you can add it on google +1. You can utilize all your current projects invested in building your own social networks and add them right now for plus one social seo. When You have not used social marketing then you should start out developing a topic related fb followership at this point. Has enormous benfits by itself and will help you to start on googles’ +1. But there are a few ways begin adding contacts on your PlusOne Community at this time in additional ways. Here i present some plus one social seo Techniques You will want to apply.

Social SEO with Google Plus1

A main target shall be to develop Your Twitter and Facebook Contacts in Your market to be geared up to start Plus1 with a large network. You could also begin to create more related G-Mail connections. Use different google services like Google Places, groups or docs to locate people relevant to your current niche. Then add them to your contacts. Because google will not launch a complete social network (at least not now ) there is no way of directly searching and adding users in plus 1.

An additional instant preparation is definitely to do a makeover of your google profile. When the Plus One System begins to work the profile will probably be the site that +1ers take a look at to discover more about a user which has suggested a web-site. Many people are not even aware they own a google profile page when they begin making use of a google site. Improve Your profile now to be prepared the moment PLUS ONE will begin. The Social SEO Tool will be released for the english market and is going to be accessible internationally soon after. However You can easily proceed to Google and enroll in as a beta tester right now.

Using Social SEO as an Affiliate Niche Marketing Startegy